About Sterling-Silver

In 1999, Elaine aspired to fill a gap in the market for affordable, superior quality silver jewellery. She strove to cater to women of all shapes and sizes, who often struggle to find jewellery to fit their needs.

From petit to voluptuous, her vision was to offer a unique selection that acted as striking and practical daily companions. Not driven by fashion trends, each creative collection was to be classic and timeless, at the most competitive price point.

With a pocket full of Pesos and a keen sense of adventure, she boarded a plane to Mexico – a country known for its history of craftsmanship and design. As soon as she landed, she was enthralled by the warmth of the Mexican people. Before the year was over, she had already taken her young daughter, Kirsty, to see this marvellous world of artisan jewellery.

Kirsty and Elaine Faulkner

Kirsty and Elaine Faulkner

Keen backpackers, they travel to Mexico twice every year to seek out new designs and to interact with the silversmiths. They work closely with the skilled craftsmen, to make fresh designs that align to the brand’s ideals; wearable and long-lasting items of high quality and affordability. They inspect each and every item in Mexico. With Kirsty’s fluent Spanish, she can convey their designs and ideas, inspired by close contact with their clientele.

To ensure sterling silver quality, and to guarantee peace of mind for their devoted customers, Elaine and Kirsty take their designs to the London Assay Office for quality inspection and hallmarking.

This mother and daughter team work extremely hard to ensure that the jewellery fits their clientele’s needs and desires. It gives them great joy to meet them face-to-face at UK exhibitions to showcase their newest pieces.